SlidesLive is incredibly easy to use. Here are some of our favorite features.

Automatically sync'd
SlidesLive automatically syncs your slides with your talk. The result is a complete presentation package with no post-production headaches. That's real synchronicity.
Live Recording
Slides do not have to be manually added or uploaded. Slides are recorded live during the actual presentation. SlidesLive will automatically record all of your visual elements (PDF, PPT, Images, Graphs, Word, Excel, Google Doc, …)
SlidesLive recording app works offline. No need to worry about the internet connection.
You don't need to install SlidesLive on your device! Just save it on a USB memory stick and use it on other computers.
You can record the video of your talk on any device - phone, camera, etc. Just drag and drop your finished video file to SlidesLive. That's all folks.
SlidesLive records your voice from the presenter's laptop. If you have a better voice recording - phone, dictaphone, … just drag and drop your audio file into the SlidesLive app.
Slides Editor
You can edit recorded slides - remove or add new ones - in our new online editor.
You can embed your SlidesLive presentation anywhere. You can also share secret links to your private SlidesLive presentations.

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